SCFD/LFA Intergovernmental Specifics
At this time, nothing has been agreed to or signed by the Board of either district. The following specifics are the most recent proposal put forward, and are subject to change and revision. 

Effect on Taxes: The IGA does not raise taxes. 

24/7 Engine Company: The goal of the IGA is to establish a 24/7 engine company based out of LFA Station 115. The positions gained from a SAFER grant and absorbing SCFD employees would be used to staff this engine. The engine would be based out of Station 115 because it is the only fire station in the area with enough beds to accommodate the additional staff. This engine would respond to calls in the Santa Clara area, as well as the North Battalion area of Lane Fire Authority.

Response Area Line: The city limits are currently similar to a patchwork quilt in the Santa Clara area due to annexations of unincorporated county land by the City of Eugene. Once annexed, those properties receive fire protection service from Eugene Springfield Fire & EMS. As a result, one address might be served by the City of Eugene, and their neighbors might be in SCFD. After establishing a 24/7 engine company, LFA/SCFD would try to establish an agreement with Eugene-Springfield about which areas would receive an LFA/SCFD response, and which areas would receive a Eugene-Springfield response. This response area line would not be based on whether addresses are city or county, but which areas make geographical sense to be served by each agency. 

Eliminating Responses from SCFD Station 61: SCFD Station 61 is located approximately one block away from another fire station, Eugene-Springfield Fire Station 11. The building itself is not equipped for 24/7 staffing as it lacks bathrooms and other key amenities. It currently serves as the administrative headquarters for SCFD and houses two engines and a rescue. Community volunteers currently respond from home to the station to go on calls. Under the current IGA proposal, the station would no longer provide responses to calls, and would be repurposed for storage or some other function. Emergency responses would come from Station 115 and Station 62. 

Intermixing SCFD and LFA Volunteers: Current SCFD volunteers would have the opportunity to work in Lane Fire Authority stations, and vice versa. This would allow volunteers to get a broader range of experiences working in different areas that respond to different types of calls. 

Retention of Assets and Reserve Funds: Both fire districts retain full ownership and control over their stations, apparatus, equipment, reserve funds, and other assets. They collect and levy taxes separately, maintain individual Boards, and have the authority to terminate the IGA if they decide to do so. 

Termination of the IGA: The IGA contract would have a specific and detailed plan about how the agreement would be terminated if one or both districts decided to back out of it at some point in the future. This would ensure that if the IGA did not work out, both districts would get their assets and their employees back.  
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