Station 61

Santa Clara Fire District Station 61
2600 River Road
Santa Clara Fire District Station 61 serves as the Administrative Office of the Santa Clara Fire District. All paid staff members, including the Fire Chief, Training Officer, Recruitment and Retention Officer, and the Administrative Assistant are based out of this station. Station 61 is also home to Engines 611 and 612, as well as Rescue 618. 

There are no living quarters in this station, so the station is not staffed outside of normal business hours. However, 12-15 respond from home volunteers respond to this station when there is an emergency in the district. 

Station 62 recently underwent a seismic upgrade, which was funded through a grant. The seismic upgrade strengthened the structure to ensure that it remains standing and functional in the event of an earthquake.

 Station 61 Apparatus
Engine 611 - 2007 Pierce Contender 

1250 GPM Split Shaft Waterous Pump, equipped with Compressed Air Foam System
1000 Gallon Water Tank

Seats up to 6 Firefighters

Responds to structure fires and car fires

Engine 612 - 1993 Pierce

1250 GPM Waterous Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank

Seats up to 5 Firefighters
Carries tools for vehicle extrication

Responds to motor vehicle accidents and fires
Rescue 618 - 2009 Ford F350

Carries medical equipment for use by Santa Clara EMTs and Paramedics

Seats up to 5 responders

Responds to EMS calls

 Station 61 Volunteers
Firefighter/Paramedic Jerry Ogren
Firefighter/EMT Bradley Kinch
Firefighter Bill Buterbaugh
Firefighter Justin Ferguson
Firefighter Jeremy Kernutt
Firefighter Jackson Landgreen
Recruit Brendan Petorak
Engineers and Officers:
Assistant Chief/EMT-I Curt Bierman
Engineer/Paramedic Tim Collins
Engineer/EMT Adam Nell
Engineer Justin Wilson
Cheri Bierman
Dave Wray
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