SCFD/LFA IGA-Related Documents
SCFD and LFA have produced several documents relevant to the potential IGA. Click on the button corresponding to each document to download it.
LFA and SCFD staff conducted an analysis in order to determine what potential impacts an IGA would have on both districts. This document was produced in 2015 and summarizes the results of that analysis. 
The response time study was conducted in July of 2017. It examines how response times would be affected if responses were eliminated from Station 61. The study also shows which areas of LFA would benefit from SCFD responses out of Station 62.
Lane Fire Authority Chief Terry Ney attended the Santa Clara Fire District Board of Directors meeting on May 9, 2017. Chief Ney and Chief Wood presented their ideas for the IGA, explained why it was needed, and started the conversation with the SCFD Board on the topic.
Retired SCFD Fire Chief Skip Smith attended the joint Board meeting on July 20th at Station 101. He took these notes and provided them to SCFD as a community member's understanding of what was discussed at the meeting. 
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