Burning Information

 Burning Information
Backyard burning is allowed within the Santa Clara Fire District under the following conditions:

(1) The lot on which the burning is taking place must be at least half an acre.
(2) The burning must occur at a legal date and time, as determined by Lane Regional Air Protection Agency.
(3) The fire must be attended at ALL TIMES.
(4) A garden hose and tools for extinguishment of the fire must be available until the fire has been completely extinguished. 
(5) The burn pile must not exceed 3 cubic feet.
(6) The fire must not create a public nuisance or a hazard to public safety.
(7) The fire may not burn in a barrel or drum. Burn barrels are prohibited in Lane County. 

The Santa Clara Fire District retains the authority to extinguish any burn pile that is in violation of any of the above conditions. 

Click the link below for a list of SCFD addresses that meet the requirements to burn. Even if your address is eligible for backyard burning, you MUST check with Lane Regional Air Protection Agency to ensure that burning is allowed that day. You can check by visiting their website or calling (541) 726 3976.
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